A Portfolio of Great Companies

Trihelix Investments has built a family of great companies
with a focus on high performing people in evolving markets

About Us
Our Approach
TriHelix Investments is a family fund focused on long term growth and stability.  Our positions are both majority and minority ownership in businesses we believe will provide both a solid return and benefit society at a whole.  We do not focus on a single industry; instead, we remain open to all opportunities that fit into our stated objectives.

  1. Conservatively invest in companies that show great growth potential and that pass our due diligence and vetting.
  2. Ensure the companies are providing a positive impact on society and a product we believe in.
  3. Maintain a long term strategy that provides support to the management teams so that they can focus on growth and not short term gains.
  4. Find companies that will complement each other when looked at in the aggregate.
  5. Only invest in companies that are above board, maintain proper accounting, and are morally and ethically aligned with our objectives.


What We Are Looking For
We look for companies that are small, entrepreneurial, high energy, with a dedicated workforce willing to put the time and effort in to ensure success and prosperity.  Our focus is to work with the existing management team helping in any way possible to allow for success within their chosen business sector.